PS3 download game flOw delayed to early January 2007

flOw PS3 screenshot
The PS3 game flOw, developed by thatgamecompany, won’t be available for download from the PlayStation Store today.

The evolutionary title focuses on growing a small creature from a single celled organism to a complex being by devouring other life forms. Instead of coming out in December, it’ll be released in early January 2007.

While the original Flash project is still playable online, IGN mentions the PS3 version of the game is going to be substantially enhanced:
* Four additional creatures to control with their own unique environments to play as.
* It will also feature SIXAXIS motion sensitivity control, sharper visuals, and improved audio with potential THX certification.
* Future updates are also supposed to include multiplayer or other modes, and it’s promised that the game will be continually updated on a monthly basis.