Pokemon Diamond and Pearl official Nintendo DS release date is April 22 2007

Pokemon Diamond Pearl release date April 22 2007
Finally the official Pokemon Diamond and Pearl release date of April 22nd, 2007, has been announced by Nintendo on Pokemon.com. Game Freak has been busy translating the two Pokemon RPG’s into English.

Nintendo announced this specific April 22 release date before they wanted to, because it was only online at Pokemon.com for a few hours (click on the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl logo in the middle of the page), before Nintendo took the new info off the website and replaced it back to the old spring 2007 vague release date. So you can’t see it there now, but trust us, like on the above screenshot we saw it with our own eyes on the official website. 🙂

Pokemon Diamond Pearl PokecenterIf the above screenshot of the text is too small for you, the release date confirmation says: “A brand new world is waiting for you on the Nintendo DS on April 22nd, 2007 – Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are two new games for the Nintendo DS which get back to the roots of Pokemon RPG’s. Battling, collecting, and training are back and this time they take place in a new region – Sinnoh!

The Sinnoh region is a lush and beautiful area filled with lots of different plants and Pokemon. You start your adventure from a place called Futaba Town.”

Since the release of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl in Japan on September 28th, 2006, the games have sold over 3,060,032 copies together as of December 10th.

Now Pokemon fans who awaited new info know they can start playing Pokemon Diamond/Pearl on APRIL 22, 2007.

Update: The official European Pokemon Diamond and Pearl release date on Nintendo DS is 30 June and the Australian launch is on 21 June.