Diddy Kong Racing DS new screens and WiFi multiplayer info

Diddy Kong Racing DS
Rare is hard at work on their upcoming Nintendo DS game Diddy Kong Racing DS due February 5th, 2007. The racing game is based on the N64 classic but improved and expanded in ways that only the DS allows.

Diddy Kong Racing DSNew info from the latest Nintendo Power magazine claims: WiFi play has been confirmed, as well as local wireless play. Single card download play really goes the extra mile. It features every single track you have raced in the single player game. The more single player you take on, the more you can race with friends who don’t have the game. Also, Dixie and Tiny Kong replace Banjo and Conker.

Previously announced was: eight-player single-card and multi-card WiFi play, touch-screen and microphone compatibility, some familiar faces in newly playable form, remodeled and retextured tracks, customizable vehicles, weapons and challenges, and new modes like TT’s Wish Races where you can create your own tracks. Video here.