Wireless Wii Sensor Bar available

Wireless Wii Sensor Bar
The Wii Remote has a light sensor that allows it to detect where it’s pointing in relation to a TV screen. Rather than using light from the screen itself, the Wii Remote senses light from a sensor bar.

Nintendo WiiThe Nintendo Wii comes with a sensor bar cable that’s 353 cm (11′ 7″) in length. Destructoid reports a third-party has now created the Wireless Wii Sensor Bar for $25 (plus shipping), which is battery powered and has no external wires for those of you with a home gaming or home theatre system too far away to be reached by such a (short) cable.

The Wireless Sensor Bar features are:
* Uses Wii Standard 3-8 foot ideal range.
* Setup and use in seconds with 1 button design.
* On / Off switch with Red LED indicator.
* 48+ hrs of gameplay battery life.
* Adhesive strip on bottom for easy mounting.
* Uses 9 Volt battery (extended life).
* Designed, produced, and tested in America.
* No more tripping over the cord!