Sony pays PR firm to lie about wanting a PSP for Christmas (terrible rapsong video included)

I hate that it’s popular in the media nowadays to bash the black sheep PS3. It’s true that Sony made almost every mistake they could make in the release of the PS3, but I don’t think any one game company deserved to be put down by the press in the way the PS3 did, especially since they are trying to earn their keep by providing you with entertainment like they did with the PS2. That being said…

Liar Liar… Sony just sank to the lowest of the lowest level. Sony hired marketing company Zipatoni to set up a viral marketing scheme, that company did this by registering the domain [link to the whois registration, not the real website]. This website is set up as a PSP fansite where the marketers with Sony’s approval pretend to be kids that want a PSP and posted a rap video titled “All I Want for X-mas Is A PSP” to go along with the following LIES:

“here’s the deal::: i (charlie) have a psp. my friend jeremy does not. but he wants one this year for xmas.

so we started clowning with sum not-so-subtle hints to j’s parents that a psp would be teh perfect gift. we created this site to spread the luv to those like j who want a psp!

consider us your own personal psp hype machine, here to help you wage a holiday assault on ur parents, girl, granny, boss — whoever — so they know what you really want.

we’ll let you know how it works for us. pls return the favor. more to come, c&j.”

The lies don’t end there, fake comments have been posted at Kotaku only linking to the Youtube video to increase its pageviews: “Good call on DJ max. Regarding music: if changes were to be made for westerners, this guy should be considered: – LOLZ”

At Youtube the lies continue: “Our boy Cousin Pete — yes, the same Cousin Pete featured on the $249 bill — just finished his video! Check his fresh (and mad clowny) rhymes and old-school beats. True LOL stuff!” [TRUE = FAKE!]

Don’t forget to ask if the money he earned by lying for Sony was enough to get him that PSP for Xmas, blergh disgusting.

Updated: Youtube user/gamer babylonian made a video response to Sony to tell them gamers are not that stupid:

Via Somethingawful, from Joystiq