A short trip through the evolution of video games

4 December 2006
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Atari's Pong is a big classic gameThanks to Sean who sent us this evolution video from Allgames that was produced for game developer David Perry. It had to be two minutes and thirty seconds long, for an audience of non-gamers, and was to show what games might look like 5 years from now. Thus why some pre-rendered PS3 videos, and cut scenes were used. As for why there is no RPG collection, we thought about starting with Zork text and evolving but realized for a non gamer audience it wouldn’t be easy to quickly explain role playing in a few clips. We will be doing a series of these in the future, check back.

A short trip through the evolution of video games. From pixel to polygons, atari to HD, this is a visual ride through various video game genres as they evolved with new technology and talent from game developers.


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