50 Virtual Console downloadable Wii games for Japan in 2006

Nintendo promised 30 American Virtual Console retro games by the end of the year. Europe will be getting 31 (plus Donkey Kong Country) this year. But Japan takes the cake with a total of 50 classic downloadable games for the Virtual Console in 2006! Prepare to get steaming jealous.

Super Mario Bros NES title screenFamicom [NES] (all 500 points each)
Donkey Kong (Dec 2nd)
Donkey Kong Jr (Dec 2nd)
Renjyu (Dec 2nd)
Baseball (Dec 2nd)
Tennis (Dec 2nd)
Pinball (Dec 2nd)
Urban Champion (Dec 2nd)
Soccer (Dec 2nd)
Super Mario Bros (Dec 2nd)
Ice Hockey (Dec 2nd)
Legend of Zelda (Dec 2nd)
Xevious (Dec 2nd)
Key of Solomon (Dec 2nd)
Gradius (Dec 2nd)
Mario Brothers (Dec 12th)
Wario’s Forest (Dec 12th)
Legend of Kage (Dec 19th)
Shinobi Jyajyamaru-kun (Dec 26th)

Super Famicom [SNES]
Super Mario World (Dec 2nd, 800)
F-Zero (Dec 2nd, 800)
Legend of Zelda Link to the Past (Dec 2nd, 900)
Super Castlevania (Dec 2nd, 800)
Street Fighter 2 (Dec 2nd, 800)
Super Donkey Kong (Dec 12th, 800)
Mario’s Super Picross (Dec 19th, 800)
Super Contra (Dec 19th, 800)
Sim City (Dec 26th, 900)
Fire Emblem Crest of Mystery (Dec 26th, 900)
R-Type III (Dec 26th, 800)

Nintendo 64
Super Mario 64 (Dec 2nd, 1000)

Mega Drive [Sega Genesis] (all 600 points each, all on Dec 2nd)
Ecco the Dolphin
Gunstar Heroes
Golden Axe
Shadow Dancer
Altered Beast
Space Harrier II
Sonic the Hedgehog
Toe Jam and Earl
Puyo Puyo
Ristar the Shooting Star

PC Engine [TurboGrafx-16] (all 600 points each)
Bonk (Dec 2nd)
Super Star Soldier (Dec 2nd)
Dungeon Explorer (Dec 2nd)
Victory Run (Dec 2nd)
Bomberman 94 (Dec 2nd)
Adventure Island (Dec 2nd)
Necromancer (Dec 2nd)
R-Type I (Dec 13th)
Nectaris (Dec 20th)