Nintendo dates big Wii, DS & GBA titles for early 2007

WarioWare: Smooth MovesNintendo of America put out a list of new game releases for the first quarter of next year on the Wii, DS, and GameBoy Advance. No word yet if Wii Play will include a Wii remote controller like it does in Europe and Japan when the Wii launches there on December 2nd & 8th.

Wii release dates are on:
January 15th, 2007: WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Wii Play;
March 5th, 2007: Mario Party 8.

DS releases arrive on:
January 22nd, 2007: Hotel Dusk: Room 215;
February 5th, 2007: Diddy Kong Racing DS;
March 5th, 2007: Wario: Master of Disguise;
March 19th, 2007: Custom Robo Arena.

One GameBoy Advance release on:
February 5th, 2007: Final Fantasy VI Advance.