Angry Nintendo Nerd reviews the NES Power Glove

The Power GloveThis is the fifteenth in a series of bad video game reviews by the Angry Nintendo Nerd. This time it’s actually about a controller accessory the “Power Glove” was produced by Mattel in 1989 and was made famous by the Nintendo movie The Wizard.

In The Wizard, Lucas Barton is an avid Nintendo fan who likes using the Power Glove. At one point, he commented “I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.” You’ll be hearing the cursing Angry Nintendo Nerd say that a lot as he tests it in various NES games. But there are some shocking surprises!

Seeing as how bad the Power Glove turned out, it’s hard to believe it started its life in 1986 at VPL, Inc. who developed the “Data Glove” for NASA and supercomputer use.
Additional info via the Power Glove Page.