Xbox 360 $100 sale at Amazon next week

Xbox 360 Core SystemThis week’s Amazon customer 1-out-of-4 vote deal is at 88% in favor of the Xbox 360 Core system for $100. So while it’s pretty safe to say that deal with win, be sure to keep voting until it closes Tuesday at 9 p.m. PST. The winning deal goes on sale Thursday at 11 a.m. PST. Sadly there will be only 1,000 available, so make a note in your agenda.

According to “You must buy via the Amazon Customers Vote page (, not the product detail page, in order to buy one of the set-aside items; otherwise, you will not pass through the series of screens in which we issue the claim code, and you will not receive the discount.”

“Next, we’ll issue you a claim code, unless the item has already sold out. In order to prevent fraud, we’ve implemented a system that asks you a simple question, and you’ll input your reply. As soon as you receive a claim code, the item is yours to buy. No need to rush through the checkout procedure!”