Call of Duty 3 online superior on Xbox 360 compared to PS3

Call of Duty 3Gamespot‘s review of Call Of Duty 3 for the PS3 mentions a couple of noticeable differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The first difference: the PS3 has a choppy frame rate that makes the game a chore occasionally. But despite their name, Xbox360fanboy assumes that’s because of developer Treyarch being unfamiliar with the PS3.

So what is the big deal breaker between the two versions? The differences in online play are seemingly more fundamental. The PS3 version offers 24 players online, just like the Xbox 360 version. Unfortunately, only one person per PS3 can go online versus the Xbox 360 version’s four. Also, there is no ranked play available on the PS3, a feature that is standard on Xbox 360 thanks to TrueSkill.

Maybe we’ve all been spoiled by Xbox Live, but good gameplay should rule, so see this as a warning to not blindly pick one version of a multiplatform game over the other if you own multiple consoles. After all, as a gamer, the best demand you can make to a developer (aside from sending them an angry email) is to vote with your wallet, so they know to improve their next game or not bother at all. It’s why despite missing an online mode entirely, it’s no surprise to see people get excited about the new Wii COD3 gameplay.