Less than one game purchased for every PS3 sold in Japan

13 November 2006
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Sony PlayStation 3The Japanese Weekly Famitsu magazine reported that Sony sold 88,400 PS3’s in the system’s first two days. This number breaks down to: 33,800 20GB models & 54,600 60GB models.

The best selling game over the period was Bandai Namco’s Ridge Racer 7, which sold 30,300 copies. This was followed by Gundam Crossfire at 30,000 units and Resistance: Fall of Man, at 15,700 units. Figures for Genji and SEGA Golf Club, the two other launch titles, were not provided. This means the PS3 has a software-hardware tie ratio of 0.98, meaning less than one game purchased for every PS3 sold.

In comparison last year during the Xbox 360 launch last year, in its first two days, the Xbox 360 managed sales of 62,135 hardware units. The biggest selling game back then was another Ridge Racer game as well, being Ridge Racer 6, with 29,891 units, followed by Perfect Dark Zero, at 14,897 units.

IGN expects Sony won’t get another shipment out until some time in 2007.


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