Hudson lists their Wii Virtual Console Turbografx-16 titles, 5-player games coming

13 November 2006
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Bonk's AdventureHudson opened new pages for their games set for download on the Wii’s Virtual Console on November 19th, at the Nintendo Wii launch. Prices will start at 600 Wii Points ($6 / €6) to download the Hudson Turbografx-16 titles.

John Lee of Hudson Entertainment was recently interviewed in a podcast, where he said that the upcoming Wii Virtual Console games Dungeon Explorer and Bomberman ‘93 will support 5 player games. Cool! And it’s nice to hear him openly talk about the possibility of seeing some Hudson Japanese titles that never made it to the USA.

Hudson will provide more than 40 games over the next year including third-party games originally released for the TurboGrafx-16. Anyway, here’s the list of TG16 games.

Bonk’s Adventure (1989) – Bonk has returned and it’s just the way you’ve always loved him. It’s 10,000 B.C. and the lizardous “King Drool” has Princess Za in his evil clutches! Join Bonk as he journeys through five sprawling levels of the prehistoric past to rescue the princess.

Victory Run (1989) – When Victory Run made its way to the Turbo Grafx-16 in late 1980s, it stood out among racing games for gameplay that dove deeper than the arcade action of Rad Racer and Out Run. Victory Run involved a marathon that spanned the course of days. You raced through cycles of afternoon, dusk, twilight, etc. against a clock that you could extend by finishing courses quickly. As you raced, you had to navigate obstacles like oil slicks, heavy traffic, signage, uneven terrain and blind turns.

Super Star Soldier (1990) – Out of all the vertical shooters released for the TurboGrafx-16, Super Star Soldier boasted arguably the best array of weapons, including: flame throwers, electricity, spread guns and heat-seeking missiles. Moreover, many people believed Super Star Soldier’s graphics were the best of any TurboChip game.


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