Katamari Damacy could return?

9 November 2006
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Katamari DamacyBack in March, Katamari series producer Toshiya Hara didn’t leave much hope for the future of Katamari when he said: “The core concept of the Katamari series was complete from the first game… The PSP version was made basically so that the game could be… played on the go. So for now, this is where we wrap it up.”

2 Game Combo - Katamari Damacy & We Love KatamariThen, on August 22, Pac-Man World Rally was released that featured Katamari Damacy’s Prince as an unlockable character.

Now, eight months after we least heard about the main series, Namco trademark applications were unearthed by 1UP that could hint at a sequel or three. You see, Bandai Namco Games filed trademark applications for these names:
* Beautiful Katamari Damacy (on August 22)
* Katamari Damacy Tres Bien (on August 22)
* Katamari Damacy-kun (on September 7)

That’s all they are for now, names, it could be statues, music, or the French version of Me And My Katamari… ok so maybe not that, but on December 7 Japan is getting “Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy (PSP the Best)” so this might be a false alarm for a platinum re-release of the series. Still, there’s nothing wrong with hoping & saying we want more.


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