Wii Virtual Console lineup of retro games unveiled by Nintendo for 2006

Super Mario Bros NES title screenNintendo has finally put out a list of classic games you can download onto your Wii. When your Wii gets connected to the internet, you can download these so-called Virtual Console games from Nintendo’s online store to the Wii’s internal memory. 1UP added short descriptions to the NES, SNES, N64, Genesis & TurboGrafx-16 games. You’ll be able to download all these games by the end of December, 2006!

NES Games cost 500 Wii Points = $5/€5
* Mario Bros.: Mario and Luigi punch turtles.
* The Legend of Zelda: The original Hyrulean adventure.
* Donkey Kong: The game that put Nintendo on the map.
* Donkey Kong Jr.: Not quite a classic, but its cameo in Yoshi’s Island DS is pretty boss.
* Ice Hockey: Fat guy, normal guy and skinny guy hit the ice.
* Pinball: Mario moonlights as a paddle in this one.
* Soccer: Another early NES sports title. About soccer!
* Tennis: Simple but effective volley action.
* Urban Champion: An early, and not particularly good, brawler.
* Wario’s Woods: A falling-block puzzle game starring Wario.
* Baseball: Yet another early NES sports game.
* Solomon’s Key: A surprisingly difficult puzzle-action game.

SNES Games cost 800 Wii Points = $8/€8
* F-Zero: A futuristic racer that reinvented the genre.
* SimCity: Make your city awesome and you’ll get a statue of Mario!
Where the heck is Super Mario World? Strange it was at E3…
Virtual Console Super Mario World SNES game on Wii

N64 Games cost 1000 Wii Points = €10/€10
* Super Mario 64: The template for 3D platform gaming.

Genesis Games cost 800 Wii Points = $8/€8
* Sonic the Hedgehog: Spiky guy, attitude, goes fast. You know this one.
* Altered Beast: This bestial brawler will make you wise fwom your gwave!
* Golden Axe: One of the best multiplayer brawlers ever made.
* Columns: Before Bejeweled, there was Columns.
* Ecco the Dolphin: Save the ocean in this beautiful (but difficult) adventure.
* Gunstar Heroes: The action/shooter/platformer/brawler that made Treasure a hardcore fave.
* Space Harrier II: A fast-paced shooter featuring super-scaler action!
* Toe Jam & Earl: A funky and oddly mellow adventure.
* Ristar: Sega’s less popular 16-bit mascot.
* Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine: (Psst, it’s actually Puyo Pop.)

TurboGrafx 16 Games cost 600 Wii Points = $6/€6
* Bonk’s Adventure: Carnivorous caveman antics.
* Super Star Soldier: Superlative space shooting.
* Victory Run: Slick racing action.
* Bomberman ’93: Explosive multiplayer mayhem.
* Dungeon Explorer: Classic RPG combat.