Metal Slug Anthology video of 6 different gameplay controller schemes

Metal Slug AnthologyMetal Slug Anthology, the collection of all seven arcade Metal Slug games (1, 2, X, 3, 4, 5, and 6), has been getting a lot of good buzz since its announcement, at least I’m excited for ’em, as I’ve been playing since the first one was in the arcades. For those who want to play the game without the optional GameCube controller control scheme, 1UP has lined up the 5 Wii controller options in this video with some comments below it.

The developers SNK Playmore have included six control schemes in total. Take a look:

The 6 different gameplay controller schemes described:

– “GameCube controller” can be used in the Wii game if you want.
– “Nunchuck Control Stick” lets players move on the Nunchuck and use the Wii Remote to shoot, jump, and throw grenades (by flicking the remote forward).
– “Tilt Wii Remote” gets rid of the Nunchuck and puts character movement in the tilt sensor on the remote, so players hold the remote horizontally and tilt left and right to walk.
– “Wii Remote” also only uses the remote, but puts movement on the D-pad and requires players to flick the remote forward to throw grenades.
– “Arcade” has players ‘plant’ the Wii Remote standing vertically to simulate an arcade joystick, and use the Nunchuck to shoot, jump, etc.
– “Nunchuck” moves all the controls onto the Nunchuck and lets players move with the analog stick, shoot and jump with the buttons and flick the Nunchuck forward to throw grenades.

They tested each of these Wii-specific modes, and found Nunchuk Control Stick and Wii Remote to be their favorites since they seemed much more familiar and felt like there was the most control over the characters when using them. Arcade and Tilt Wii Remote are definitely fun for experimenting, but it’s doubtful they will serve much purpose for long term use.

In addition to all the classic Metal Slug games, the collection includes the radically different Metal Slug 6. In it you can play as the Ikari Warriors, use melee attacks at will, choose your difficulty, carry multiple weapons, etc. and a heap of extras you can unlock by earning tokens and completing the games with a limited number of continues. These include MP3 files, an interview with the original Metal Slug development team, and various pieces of artwork.

Metal Slug Anthology is coming to Wii (there are PSP & PS2 versions too) at the Wii console launch on November 19 for $39.99! Such a cheap deal for 7 amazing arcade games.