Halo 3 saves your own single- and multiplayer videos with new gameplay recording feature

Halo 3 logoAfter yesterday’s mega Halo 3 info unveiling, we’ve now compiled the remaining new facts courtesy of U.S. magazine EGM (sneak peak of the upcoming December issue). Let’s line ’em up!

* In Halo 3’s single- and multiplayer gameplay, you can now save your own movies and then rewatch them! — A juicy rumor to add to this cool news is that Microsoft recently launched Soapbox, a video sharing Youtube clone, now imagine that getting enabled for Xbox 360.

* Halo 3 will have three retail SKUs: Standard Game, Collector’s Edition, and Legendary Edition. In the last one you put a cat-head sized Spartan helmet (by Atomic Monkey) over the four DVD discs as a display piece. — The question is how much all these sets are going to cost when Standard Microsoft first-party titles are sold at $49.99, the Perfect Dark Zero 2-disc Collector’s Edition at $59.99, will that mean the 4-disc Legendary Edition will be sold at $79.99?

* One of the new maps, Valhalla, is being called “the new Blood Gulch”, but this isn’t another coat of new paint on the Combat Evolved classic. This is, from-the-ground-up, a brand-new map. — One thing they won’t have to tell is us is that fans will probably be able to download a lot of Halo 3 map packs off Xbox Live Marketplace in the coming years.