Guitar Hero II bonus tracks leaked

Guitar Hero 2 (Game Only)Wow, Guitar Hero II songs just keep being leaked online, this time it’s the bonus songs, if I’m not mistaken all 25 of them! According to GAF someone has looked into the files on a 10-song Guitar Hero II build that was recently distributed to select retail outlets. In doing so, the game’s new unlockable bonus songs were discovered as filenames.

Guitar Hero II will be released on November 7 on PS2, and I can’t imagine RedOctane being too happy about this, but if you like spoilers you will be.

In the list bolded names are previously confirmed songs.

Dethklok – Thunderhorse
Drist – Arterial Black
Every Time I Die – The New Black – confirmed by band itself
Anarchy Club – Collide
Valiant Thor – Fall of Pangea – confirmed by band itself
Vagiant – FTK
The Breaking Wheel – One For The Road
Buckethead – Jordan
All That Remains – Six
Made In Mexico – Yes We Can
Voivod – The X-Stream – confirmed by band’s drummer
That Handsome Devil – Elephant Bones
The Acrobrats – Laugh Track
Camaros – Lady Lightning
Freezepop – Less Talk More Rokk
Amazing Royal Crowns – Mr. Fix It
The Mr. T Experience – Parasite
Shadows Fall – The Light That Blinds
Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives – Soy Bomb
The Last Vegas – Raw Dog – winner of the “Be a Guitar Hero II” competition
Count Zero – Radium Eye
Gnashing Of Teeth – Generic
Brian Kahanek – Gemini
The Casket Lottery – Red House

Just in! Destructoid found a picture proving that Trogdor the Burninator song is in! The song of Homestar Runner fame has now found his catchy theme song from his respective “Strong Bad e-mail” episode that sparked an internet craze in Guitar Hero II.

Source: Guitar Hero Forum