Xbox 3 already in development at Microsoft for 2010

18 October 2006
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Xbox 360 Video Game System (Fully-Loaded)When Kikizo asked whether preliminary work had begun on the next next-gen, Chris Lewis – Microsoft Home & Entertainment, nodded in agreement with the view that “as soon as you develop something, it’s old”, and said: “Of course we’re thinking about that… we’re constantly thinking about the next thing, we have to. It’s my point about complacency – you can’t sit back on your laurels in this business – the consumer won’t let you, the developers certainly won’t let us. So that’s happening right now.”

He went on: “We keep our development cycles very fast and high, that is the nature of the company and how we operate in terms of research and development, and that’s no different than any other part of Microsoft.

“You’ll see more over time – certainly we’re not talking about the next version yet, so give us a chance to catch a breath, will you?”

However, Lewis stressed that he thinks the lifecycle of 360 will be longer than that of Xbox 1 – which would mean 360 will be hot right into 2010


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