Sinking Island point-and-click adventure announced for DS (was already coming to PC)

White Birds has announced that an adaptation of their PC adventure game Sinking Island is due on DS in Q1 2007.
Sinking Island DS screenshot
White Birds will retain the same storyline, characters, and gameplay of the PC version, and adapt the controls and presentation to the unique features of the DS. The main screen will be the lower one, while various secondary interface features such as the inventory, map, and notes will be shown on the top screen.

The storyline is written by Benoît Sokal, Sinking Island is the first game in a planned series of adventures starring middle-aged private investigator Jack Norm. The third-person game takes place on a private tropical island that is literally sinking under the weight of the colossal art deco-styled hotel built upon it. In a classic whodunit with a twist, the hotel’s billionaire owner is murdered, and there are ten suspects on the island, each with a strong motive for having done the deed. It’s up to Norm to determine the true culprit. The catch? With the island sinking and the game occurring over a simulated three day period, lower level environments (and the evidence they contain) are only available until they’re lost forever to the sea, so players will need to make best use of locations and time in order to succeed.

According to White Birds co-founder Michel Bams, development on the point-and-click PC version of Sinking Island is progressing well and still on target for its projected completion February 2007. Via Adventuregamers