The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’s 20 hours “The Knights of the Nine” quest exclusive to PS3

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Collector\'s Edition (DVD-ROM)It turns out the rumors of Oblivion’s “Knights of the White Stallion” expansion weren’t that far off, except its not for PC, but an extra (exclusive) quest titled “The Knights of the Nine” that is included in the PS3 launch game!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion features the Cyrodiil-spanning adventure that revolves around new faction The Knights of the Nine, and will offer an extra 10-20 hours of gameplay, with your reward being a collection of super-powerful items.

Developer Bethesda Softworks has made it your mission to retrieve a set of kits known as the Crusader’s Relics, fulfilling the Knights of the Nine’s primary goal. Think of it as an Oblivion-set search for the Holy Grail, only there’s a collection of them and they give you +50 bonuses when bashing people’s heads in. However, to undertake the task you’ll first have to prove your dedication to the Knights by embarking on a pilgrimage across Cyrodiil.

The Knights of the Nine order you to wander the 16-square-mile gameworld in search of shrines dedicated to the nine gods of Tamriel. Only when you’ve knelt at each of them will you be inducted into the order and sent out on the quest.

Additionally, being a clan of goody-goodies, the Knights will only allow you to continue your quest if you remain worthy – meaning no crimes, no murders and nothing else that could raise your infamy level.

Locate a Relic and it’s yours to keep, so long as you walk the path of good. And, as you progress, locals who hear of your achievements will flock to the ramshackle ancestral home of the Knights to pledge their allegiance, slowly building a thriving community and restoring the Knights’ home to its former glory.

With Oblivion already boasting a near-endless playability value, the PS3 version could be the best outing yet in the gigantic world of Cyrodiil. Oblivion will be released on PS3 this November in the U.S. and next March in Europe, says Gamesradar.

Of course everyone’s still expecting “The Knights of the Nine” quest to become available as a PC expansion pack and Xbox 360 download pack later on, but for now it’s a PS3 exclusive.