Dance Factory coming to Wii (and CD support confirmed?)

Dance Factory Dance to Any MusicDance Factory from Codemasters is making its way from PS2 to Wii, according to the Nintendo Wii Games List from last month.

Dance Factory is a dance mat-compatible music title with the unique ability to take songs from any music CD and automatically generate dance moves to play along with the game. In addition to your own CD tunes, Dance Factory on PS2 has a whole load of different dance mat gaming modes, including Fitness and Endurance.

Obviously it won’t work with an (EyeToy) camera on Wii (at least none has been announced), but we’re curious to find out if it’ll use a dance mat, the motion sensor Wii controls, or both!? Despite Nintendo dropping DVD support, this seems to confirm the Wii can also play CD discs, and not just Wii & GameCube discs. Of course we’ll believe that when the game gets released before March 31, 2007.

PS: Codemasters have also announced Sidewinder for Nintendo Wii, but no details are known about that either.