Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wing info and DS teaser

22 September 2006
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Final Fantasy XIISquare Enix’s Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wing for Nintendo DS just launched its Japanese website. It unveils the game features the main characters Vaan (18) & Panello (17). It’s not related to the timeline of the PS2 original, and since this is the beginning of an adventure with these two characters, there could be more sequels.

Features include: a stylus-controlled battle system, more airships than the PS2 original, plenty of dancing from Penelo and a focus on the two characters being air pirates, and the relationship between the two. Here’s the game’s teaser:

The Staff page reads:
Director & Scenario Writer: Motomu Toriyama (FFX-2, FFXIII)
Character Design: Ryuma Itou (FF Tactics Advance)
Art Director: Matsuda
Movie Director: Eiji Fujii
Composer: Hitoshi Sakimoto, Kenichirou Fukui
Executive Producer: Kawazu


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