Sony unveils PS3 online PS1, PS2, Genesis, TurboGrafx downloads

21 September 2006
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Sony PlayStation 3Ken Kutaragi, Sony Computer Entertainment president and group CEO, delivered his keynote address “Next-Generation Entertainment Created by the PS3” at the Tokyo Game Show 2006.

At 10AM Japanese time he revealed this PS3 info:
* In the last 12 years, a massive library of games has been built up for PS1 and PS2, about 15,000 in total. The PS3 can emulate those games over the network, and beginning with those with smaller volumes of data, those will be made available to users in 2006.
* Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) and PC Engine (NEC TurboGrafx 16) games can be downloaded over the PS3 network.
* Videos will also be available over the network, starting with shorter movies.
* Apparently users will also be able to upload their own content and give new ideas to game developers.

Mr. Kutaragi also mentioned in theory the PS3 (or possibly the PS4 in 10 years from now) could have a Global Mapping System, which allows users to upload their own pictures & data of the world around them, and create a detailed view of the world that way…

For example: In Gran Turismo locations like the Nurburgring and the Grand Canyon have to be created by going to the site and doing loads of filming of various areas in the game, as well as of the tiny details which make up the sides of the track. Via Eurogamer


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