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9 September 2006
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Fear Effect 2: Retro HelixIn the later days of the Playstation, Eidos let loose with an edgy, adult-oriented survival horror action adventure series called Fear Effect. The game spawned a sequel a year later in 2001 called Fear Effect: Retro Helix.

Since those games were such a success for the company (recieving great reviews across the board) Eidos decided to bring the series over to the Playstation 2 and at E3 2002 the game was shown on video. Unfortunately, the game went into development trouble as Eidos themselves got deeper and deeper into financial trouble, and by E3 2003 the game was officially “put on hold”. Sadly, the game never resurfaced and has been cancelled since. There were talks to revive the franchise, and as I fan, I hope they become a reality.

Game Demonstration
(For Mature audiences)

Fear Effect: Inferno Trailer (For Mature audiences)


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