Uwe Boll pummels critic in 1st boxing match – Plus . . . “Eating With Mr. Uwe”

8 September 2006
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Bloodrayne (Unrated Director\'s Cut)(DVD ROM game is included)As you may recall, we have been following the wild-Uwe Boll contest in which the infamous movie director would challenge his biggest movie critics, the ones who had written the worst and most negative articles about him, to a boxing match. While the contest itself has gone through its own twists, turns and changes, the day has finally come where the two gladiators got into the ring to see which man would come out on top . . . . hated movie director or director-hating movie critic.

Unfortunately (depending on your point of view I suppose) Uwe Boll was the man who walked away with the last laugh . . . THIS time. Uwe Boll not only won the boxing match (being the semi-pro boxer he is . . . i.e., the mad director wasn’t joking) but nearly humiliated his opponent who was nearly tripping over himself to get away and even turned his back at one point . . one would presume to escape the torment!

The whole sad state of affairs can be viewed below. But to dissolve that distasteful feeling in your gut (er, or is it mouth?), I have decided to include the happier side of Boll . . . . That is, “Eating with Mr. Uwe” videos. Yes, I did just say that. “Eating with Mr. Uwe”. No it’s not a game show.

Watch all the Uwe Boll goodness, including the multiple “Eating With Mr. Uwe” segments (okay, so it’s really an IGN interview with the dude) as well as the boxing match below.

Uwe Boll vs Carlos Palencia – Boxing Match #1

“Eating With Mr. Uwe” . . . i.e. IGN Interview with Uwe Boll, Pt. 1

“Eating With Mr. Uwe” . . . i.e. IGN Interview with Uwe Boll, Pt. 2

“Eating With Mr. Uwe” . . . i.e. IGN Interview with Uwe Boll, Pt. 3

“Eating With Mr. Uwe” . . . i.e. IGN Interview with Uwe Boll, Pt. 4

supa notes: If you watched this far *yawn* next match lets hope an actual boxer takes Uwe out!


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