Cannon Fodder comes to PSP on April 1 2007

29 August 2006
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Cannon Fodder on PSP
Codemasters is updating the gameplay of the beloved 16-bit 1993-1994 originals, Cannon Fodder combines fast-paced strategic action with the series’ devilish sense of humour that earned it the tagline: war has never been so much fun… on PSP. The game is set for release on April 1st 2007.

For those who haven’t been through Cannon Fodder’s unique military training, players command their troop of soldiers, individually or as a group, in a diverse range of on-foot and vehicle based combat missions while generally blowing stuff up and causing untold amounts of military mayhem.

Cannon Fodder PSP character artThe game has a unique and distinctive visual style that’s unmistakably Cannon Fodder. Far from being just a pretty tribute, this new version builds on the classic tactical combat gameplay and introduces a raft of new features, such as the ability to call in air strikes, perform radar sweeps as well as unleashing a host of new weaponry including flamethrowers and sniper rifles.

As the conflict unfolds, the action is reported live from the warzone by the new FTV channel, giving you a better look at the game’s pintsized protagonists. The wireless capability of the host consoles gives rise to another exciting innovation: four-player link play in deathmatch as well as co-op scenarios.


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