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28 August 2006
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Metroid Prime PinballFor those that don’t know, in 2003 Joy Ride Studios released a Samus Aran (the heroine from the popular sci-fi Metroid series of games) action figure onto an unassuming public.

This is the only official action figure for the Samus character to ever be produced! (so far anyway). Originally sold for $10-$12 dollars, and made some-what cheaply, it is still worth tracking down for hardcore Metroid fans or any Nintendo fan who loves this type of collectible.

Samus Action FigureSamus’ articulation clocks in at 12 points, although some are hindered. Her neck cannot turn, and the ball joints at her shoulders are restricted by the large shoulder armor. Her elbows are given a good range of motion, as are her ankles, knees, and hips. Her hips are completely unrestricted . . . . It even includes an interchangeable un-masked Samus head! ๐Ÿ˜€

For more information on this great Nintendo action figure, go to the web-site here. Good luck finding one!


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