Microsoft statistics show Xbox 360 games and downloads are popular

19 August 2006
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Xbox 360 Video Game System (Fully-Loaded)After recent releases of top 10 saleslist games like NCAA Football 2007, Prey, Chromehounds, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II, and Dead Rising, the game attachment rate rose to 4.6 games per Xbox 360 console this month. That’s almost 5 games for every console owner! Not bad considering the PSP & DS hover around 3 games per owner.

The Xbox 360 also has the highest accessory attachment rate among consumers, with 2.9 units sold per console. I bet their counting the Play & Charge Kits as well, cause with a 2nd controller and 2 of those kits I’m at 3 as well.

Microsoft also announced that 80% of Xbox Live Silver & Gold users have downloaded content from Xbox Live Marketplace. This brings the total number of downloads to more than 46 million! 70% of Live users have downloaded music videos, movie and game trailers, and 65% have downloaded at least one game from Xbox Live Arcade.

8 Million Xbox Live Arcade downloads were done since launch, the most popular titles are: Geometry Wars, Uno, Bankshot Billiards 2, Marble Blast Ultra, and Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting.

Microsoft plans to ship 10 million units by the end of the year, with a library of more than 160 games. The Redmond giant went on to predict that between 13 & 15 million consoles will be shipped to retail by the end of the fiscal 2007 period next June. Right now the Xbox 360 has sold about 5 million units.


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