EA shifts focus from PSP to DS

Burnout LegendsDavid Gardner, EA’s VP and COO of worldwide studios said today that they are switching their handheld gaming focus from Sony’s PSP to Nintendo’s DS.

“I don’t think Sony can afford to sit back, I think they still have things they can do with the price and performance of the machine – things that they need to address,” Gardner told MCV and continued…

“There’s no doubt that EA has historically bet more on PSP. I think we were excited by the technology, but the consumers have proven that actually what they want is fun. We must never forget that what we need to focus on is fun and so EA is putting more effort behind DS games – and creative ones that really take advantage of the hardware.”

Despite these bold remarks from EA, it seems pretty obvious they are going to release more games on the DS instead of PSP from now on, because Nintendo has the biggest marketshare with the DS (Lite).