Halo 3 has pretty graphics for everyone’s TV set

Halo 3Bungie did another interesting weekly update, this time they describe making Halo 3 both compatible with high-tech HD screens as well as the good old 4:3 sets, to quote:

“In the multiplayer playtests now, there’s a race to grab one of the few HD sets, just so that you can gape and marvel at the detail, but the fact is that even on our crappy 4:3 sets (we are testing to ensure the game looks amazing for everyone, not just Richy Rich), the lighting model is so robust that certain moments look more like video than gameplay – although Halo’s graphics are stylized rather than photo realistic.

There’s also some very nicely finished trees in one of my favorite mid-sized levels, complete with the now obligatory tree animation. It’s one of those levels where you look around and say, “Hey, this would be a nice spot to picnic,” but then somebody blasts you from a Banshee. It’s also one of the favorite levels for one of our new gametypes, thanks to its obvious defensible positions and creepy, narrow hallways.”

In closing Joe Staten says we’re going to have some Halo movie news next week. With him being quoted as saying: “I look upon the fields. Dry and cracked. And hear the cries for rain. Soon. The rain shall come.”