Guild Wars hits 2 million accounts, NCsoft talks other MMOs

Guild Wars FactionsThe vehicular combat MMO Auto Assault experiment clearly failed, the game which was released in both America & Europe during the second quarter (Q2) 2006. The game’s poor performance led to a one time write-off of approximately $13.1 million for the company.

NCsoft’s other MMO properties continued to do well for the company. Second quarter sales at the company were driven by the launch of Guild Wars Factions and the continued stable sales base from NCsoft’s Lineage & Lineage II. Thanks to Factions, in Q2 the Guild Wars franchise surpassed two million account activations worldwide and became the number one game in both North America and Europe.

Currently, NCsoft is getting ready for a simultaneous global launch of the third campaign in the Guild Wars franchise, Guild Wars Nightfall, which is due for release on September 15th. NCsoft also expects to start closed beta testing within the year for its next huge MMORPG project Aion. Via Gamerev