3 Starter Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl revealed by Nintendo

starter pokemon diamond pearl dsEvery week that the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl release date in Japan (September 28) closes in, more Pokemon info gets unveiled. This time the 3 starter Pokemon are shown in scans. The 3 starter Pokemon are named: Naetoru (Turtwig), Hikozaru (Chimchar) and Bocchama (Piplup). The 3 starter Pokemon types seem to be: Grass/Ground, Fire/Normal, and Flying/Water.
starter pokemon diamond pearl ds page 1 starter pokemon diamond pearl ds page 2 starter pokemon diamond pearl ds page 3
* These new pictures also show the Electabuzz evolution is named “Elecbul” and the Roselia evolution is named “Roserade“.
* Perappu has a weird attack called “Blabber“. You record a small sentence, and then when Perappu uses Blabber, he repeats the sentence and confuses the enemy.
* Contests now have three parts. The first is the visual part, where you must dress up your Pokemon to be judged. Second part is the dance segment, and third is the standard move appeal.
Click here to get Pokemon Diamond for your DS* Parukia is psychic/dragon types.
* Diaruga is steel/dragon.
* Dorapion has Hidden Poison and knows Poison Fang.
* Lucario knows Feint Attack.
* Pachirisu knows Charge.
* Spark is a physical attack.
* Erekiburu knows Giga Impact and has the ability Electric Engine.
* Rozureido knows Petal Dance.

Expect the new Pokemon games from Game Freak/Nintendo to arrive in America & Europe in the first half of 2007.
Scan translations from Japanese via neogaf.