Ultimate Ghouls and Goblins hero tells his story and shows his PSP quest

2 August 2006
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Capcom’s original Ghouls and Goblins creator, Tokurou Fujiwara, is creating an all-new PSP exclusive game in the series titled Ultimate Ghouls and Goblins. In this video you’ll see the game’s hero Arthur relive the past 15 years since his first adventure. The rest of the video speaks for itself despite the Japanese, but at the end the princess gets kidnapped and our hero has to fight the good fight again.Gameplay description and trailer below:

The game makes use of a 3D graphics engine, giving depth to the visuals, but plays in a side-scrolling perspective and similar art design to stay true to the original.

Your goal is to work your way through side-scrolling stages, defeating enemies and using your best platforming skills. The game lets you build up your skills as you progress. You start off with just a basic jump, but eventually gain a double jump and even the ability to fly. You’ll also earn lots of magic spells along the way. The game promises a greater number of spells and weapons than ever before. New for Ultimate Ghouls and Goblins is non-linear gameplay. You’re no longer on a fixed path from start to end. The levels include branching points and even warp points. By using a warp point, you can warp back to previous levels and collecting items that you might have missed.

Look forward to Ultimate Ghouls and Goblins in the US on September 5 and in Europe on September 8, 2006. Here’s the latest game trailer displaying the PSP gameplay:


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