Ready To Rumble 3 might be a Wii exclusive

28 July 2006
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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (SEGA DREAMCAST) - preowned w/ original caseAccording to jeuxvideo sources, Ready To Rumble will be making a return into the boxing ring. According to their information, Ready To Rumble 3 is under development by a large US developer (not Midway?) exclusively for Nintendo Wii.

Apparently they were very inspired by the capacities of the console, so of course the developers will be using both Wii pads (the nunchuck & remote control) to mimmick the virtual fists. Especially multiplayer should be interesting. Ready To Rumble 3 should be unveiled soon and released in 2007.

What’s Ready To Rumble? Watch a Round 2 video below:


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