Bungie new non-Halo game will be revealed at X06

27 July 2006
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Halo Triple PackBungie will be announcing a brand new game at X06. Speaking to a Microsoft source close to the management of the entire Xbox 360 project today, Spong were told that, “As far as things stand, Halo 3 is the last game and it’s more than just ‘a thing to say’ which I know came as a surprise to everyone when it was announced. A new game from Bungie, not Halo 4, will be announced soon and pre-production has begun. So if you’re looking for what to expect at X06, you should be looking at that.”

Let’s hope Halo 3 will be last game in the current Halo Trilogy. Another Trilogy, a prequel referred to as Forerunners only so far (unofficial), will probably be announced in 2007.

This year’s Microsoft X06 event (it’s fifth year) will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on September 27th and 28th. Plans for the event include showing off new software and the latest accessories for the system, along with Xbox Live and Games For Windows announcements.

Chris Lewis, regional vice president of Xbox for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) said: “We have some exciting announcements to make and even more to show people. X06 will firmly place Xbox 360 as the console of the next generation.”

Earlier this week, Eric Nylund, the science fiction writer behind Halo: The Fall of Reach and the man currently employed on the script and plot for Gears of War drops the first mention of a new project for Microsoft Game Studios…

What am I working on next? Well, if you took all the best parts of your favorite games, and smashed them together at light speed with your favorite movies and books, you’d get something close to this. It’s not announced yet, but as soon as Microsoft does, I can at least tell you the title, genre, and what particular thing makes this game goose-bump worthy. So stay tuned.”


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