Wii puzzling: EA tries to fix launch date leak, we set the release between October 25 – November 3

24 July 2006
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Nintendo WiiAs you may be aware, last week Electronic Arts (EA) showed a European release date for several versions of Need For Speed: Carbon as November the 3rd. While the PS3 version was left as “To Be Confirmed” (TBC), the Wii was included with the rest.

EA has now said that a Need For Speed: Carbon release date posted in error on its press website reflects the launch timing for the Nintendo Wii. To quote:

“The date was put there by mistake and it is now listed as 4th Quarter 2006. We will make an announcement shortly and with the US already confirming their date we expect to be around the same time but it’s still TBC. Naturally it goes without saying the Wii release date was also an error and not an insight into the console’s launch.”

With this “error” confirmation we can do two things: One, assume it was an error and wait until in or before September until Nintendo announce the Wii launch dates officially; Two, make a list that point to this being an accidental leak on EA’s part and let you judge for yourself…

The list:
* Nintendo plans to release the Wii before the PS3‘s November 11-17 launches.
* Nintendo plans to release the Wii in Europe 10 days after the Japanese release.
* Nintendo consoles always get launched on a Friday in Europe (November 3rd).
* Looking at the in June started Wii production & historical Nintendo October-November launches, analysts expect October to see the US Wii release.
* With these points any 4th Quarter guess has a 1 in 41 chance of being right ๐Ÿ˜‰

Additional info via EA gamepress & Eurogamer


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