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19 July 2006
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Game company 10Tacle Studios may not have found a publisher for their upcoming, summer 2007, action RPG Elveon yet. But that won’t stop them from showing it off. Set in the world of Naon, a realm which was once meant to become paradise before the Gods (called Dallas) abandoned it. The game uses the Unreal Engine 3.0. Elveon is planned to be released for the PC & Xbox 360.

Here’s a Elveon teaser, supposedly shown for PS3 at E3:

“Elveon” means “The book of Elves” and is based on the comprehensive fantasy saga that reaches back to the ascendance of elvish culture. Our hero is an unnamed elvish elite warrior, belongs to a mystical convent of warrior-monks. His fate will lead him to an adventure that will exceed his imagination by far (but you might be able to imagine it, maybe).

Our protagonist (we’ll call him Elf) will follow the path of a legendary struggle dating back to the roots of the elvish race which Elf will have to bring to its final conclusion. On Elf’s journey through the fantastic world of Elveon, Elf will pass impressive nature environments, magnificent cities, lost ruins and relive the most important and moving events of elvish history.

To fulfill his task, he has to face fierce combat against supernatural opponents and finally become the most powerful warrior, for this mission is in fact intended for a god.

Features include:
* New Action gameplay with cinematic duel fights;
* Choose from over 100 weapons in 4 close- & ranged-combat weapon classes;
* Become a master in a weapon school of your choice;
* Upgrade your weapons & equipment with divine powers to suit your fighting/playing style;
* Experience dynamic weather changes and a physically correct simulation of nature environments, floating water, cloth & hair;


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