Wii-workings detailed (the controller is a camera?)

Wii Console & ControllerIGN got their hands on official Wii developer documentation. “Big deal. Whoopy-do!” I hear you say, but some interesting facts do pop up:

* The Wii controller is powered with two AA batteries,
* These two batteries have a lifetime of 30 hours if the precision aim functionality of the pointer is being used in games, and if only the accelerometer functionality is being used it’ll last 60 hours,
* Will use Bluetooth on a 2.4GHz bandwith to communicate with the console.
* Features 6KB of “non-volatile” memory, possibly for speaker?
* Uses a SYNCHRO button to identify Wii controllers that can be used with the console.
* LEDs show which player is communicating with the console and illustrate battery life.
* A built-in rumble motor can be turned on or off.
* And more details on how the controller, sensor bar and console work together,
* According to documentation the Wii controller is able to act as something of an eye, measuring coordinates between 0-1023 on the X axis and 0-767 on the Y axis, which according to IGN means that it is more or less seeing a megapixel image. Whether or not this data can be interrupted into visual information remains unknown, but the pointer could sub as a camera.

IGN contacted Nintendo of America for comments on that latest point/assumption: “There are many details that we’ve divulged about the console, but there is also more to learn,” said the subsidiary’s PR manager, Matt Atwood, in a telephone conversation. “However, Nintendo does not comment on rumors or speculation.” (oooh a secret?)

Nintendo’s new generation console is officially set to launch sometime before the Thanksgiving holiday 2006. However, rumors persist that the Wii could debut as early as late October. Nintendo is expected to hold a briefing in September to reveal price and release date.