New DDR game Dance Factory makes dancing routines to all your CD songs!

12 July 2006
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Dance FactoryIt’s rightfully named Dance Factory and with it Codemasters wants to make Dance Dance Revolution heaven. With Dance Factory for the PS2 you can put in any music CD and have the game generate dance steps on the fly for you. You put in the disc, it gives you a routine, and you get to play it. The release date is August 29th in Europe & America.

Superseding previous dance mat games that have had pre-set play lists limited to the licensed tracks on the game disc, Dance Factory will offer infinite variety. With Dance Factory, there is no limit to the tunes you can dance to on your dance mat, since any and every CD in your collection can be used with the game to create a series of dance steps. You choose the tunes, Dance Factory creates the moves any genre you enjoy. Any genre from Hip Hop, Rock, Disco, or maybe some classic Mozart? Anything goes.

Features list:

* Generates dance moves from ANY music CD
* Make Dance Factory part of your work out programme with the calorie counter
* Play any music from the most current dance anthems to guitar rock, R&B to classic disco, hip hop to blues
* Discover unique digital creatures generated by your music CDs, customise them and get them grooving along to your tunes
* 5 licensed starter tracks to get you dancing
* Be your own choreographer and DJ in recorder mode, then challenge your friends to try out your steps
* Multiplay options including freestyle battle and elimination tournament, up to 16 players
* Super stylish background graphics come alive in time to your own music
* Works with dance mat or controller and includes EyeToy support


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