Mercenaries 2 wants to see the World In Flames on Xbox 360

10 July 2006
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MercenariesIt sure looks like a lot of next-gen games are going multiplatform as a result of the high development costs. During a recent interview about Mercenaries 2: World In Flames, a Pandemic spokesperson said the developer is “definitely considering Xbox 360” for the game!

But continued that the PS3 version is the only outing that remains confirmed to date. However, they went on to say that “There is still a lot of time” and “we haven’t ruled the Xbox 360 out”, concluding: “We’ll have some news to announce in the next couple of months.”

What “some news” means is anyone’s guess, it could simply be an announcement on a publisher for Mercenaries 2 on PS3, as the game is currently without publisher. Here’s the PS3 trailer:

An Xbox 360 version is looking likely, because C&VG mentions the UK’s official Xbox 360 magazine says they have it “on very good authority” that Mercenaries 2 is Xbox 360-bound, although the PS3 may witness a short exclusivity period with the sequel.

They add that whoever the publisher turns out to be, it won’t be LucasArts or Activision, who published Mercenaries.


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