Gears of War 2 coming (if #1 is a hit)

gears of war logoYeah I know, what a surprise right? After making all the Unreal sequels, Gears of War lead designer Cliffy Bleszinski, aka Cliffy B, recently said that as soon as Gears of War is finished, he’s starting on a sequel.

To quote him from a Yahoo! News chat on what he’ll be doing in the future, after Gears of War. “Gears of War 2, I’d imagine.” The game will be out this Christmas.

Seems like Epic is confident that Gears of War will be a big hit, the game has already been hyped up as one of the most anticipated games coming to the Xbox 360. Right after Halo 3, of course. Click on ‘play’ below to watch the trailer:

I always find myself wondering if the female voice over in the trailer is really an unseen Locust Queen? — Via digitalbattle