New Pokemon Diamond & Pearl DS info

Click here to get Pokemon Diamond for your DSNintendo unveiled some new Diamond & Pearl Pokemon details:
* Manafi knows an attack called Heart Swap. This attack swaps stat effects between all Pokemon on the field
* Buizeru knows Agility
* Lucario knows Metal Claw
* Buizeru’s Ability is Swift Swim
* Lucario’s Ability is Inner Focus
* Manafi has a new ability called Moist Body. This ability cures any status effect when it’s Raining

Click here to get Pokemon Pearl for your DSJapanese magazine CoroCoro has printed a ton of new information and screens (which you can view on Revo-Europe) on the upcoming two DS Pokemon versions Diamond and Pearl. Most significantly, it has been revealed the popular Day/Night system (used in Gold and Silver but dropped from the GBA generation) will return in expanded form, as players will now be able to experience the Pokemon world in Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening and Night modes!

Pokemon sprites will now show differences between male and female versions of the same Pokemon – with differences including subtle changes in the patterns, size and shape of physical features on a Pokemon’s body.

The Pokedex has been updated again to include a weight comparison feature – with the option to input your own height and weight to compare with your Pokemon’s. Other new gear includes a high-tech watch which will act like a PokeNav (called the Poketchi in Japanese). It’ll have over twenty features, including time management, a monitoring of your Pokemon in the Breeding Center, a type chart and more.

The professor who guides you through the game is called Nanakamado this time round, and the region you explore is called Shinou, which as usual will be based on one of the islands of Japan, this time Hokkaido. Other tidbits include that 90% of the Pokemon in this game will be able to evolve, the Pokemon Center has gotten a re-design and a basement, the professor is apparently known for being slightly wacky and weird, and as expected you’ll be able to use the DS’ touch screen in the Pokedex.

It looks as if 400+ Pokemon likely to be in the game will be re-numbered again.