New Diddy Kong Racing DS info & footage

6 June 2006
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Diddy Kong RacingThe official Rare site updated recently with some juicy Diddy Kong Racing details for DS. It looks like this is way more than just a N64 remake, it’s good to see Microsoft still allowing Rare to work together with Nintendo.
To quote Rare:

“A few tantalising DKR DS info-bites to keep you going: eight-player single-card and multi-card WiFi play, touch-screen and microphone compatibility, some familiar faces in newly playable form, remodelled and retextured tracks, customisable vehicles, new modes, weapons and challenges, a little something called TT’s Wish Races where you can create your very own tracks… and it doesn’t end there.”

Click on “more…” below to watch the DS game in action!


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