Nintendo announces Japanese Wii price!

25 May 2006
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Nintendo Wii Price = $249.99 / €249 / £179 + free game!

Nintendo WiiBack in May Nintendo revealed to, at the company’s recent press conference unveiling its financial results, that Wii would arrive in Japanese stores with a maximum price tag of 25,000 yen.

Let’s break this maximum price down to global prices, by comparing it with the upcoming DS Lite. The Japanese price of 16800 yen converts directly into $150 / €117 / £80. Of course due to US prices being listed without taxes, additional shipping to Europe and added taxes there of up to 20% are already included in the price, so it comes down to the official global prices of $130 / €150 (+28.2%) / £100 (+25%).

Looking at the Wii price of 25,000 yen, that converts directly into $223 / €175 / £119. When deciding regional prices for their products they can’t just stay with the nearest number, but they can round it off so it’s easy for customers to pay for at the store. Keeping that in mind, we can expect the Wii prices to be: $225 / €225 / £150 !!

Add in a second controller and you’re at $250, you’re going to get at least one new game, which puts you at $300. Perhaps these low prices are why Nintendo has predicted on the same press conference that sales of six million units by March 2007 are achievable for the Wii.


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