Command GDI & Conquer Nod & Alien 3

Command and Conquer the First Decade (DVD-Rom)A behind closed doors preview of Command & Conquer 3 has unveiled the mysterious third party in the game: “The first trailer demoed to us was a compilation of live action cut-scenes explaining the origins of GDI and Nod, the two famous sides from the C&C universe. The trailer showed bustling government buildings and sterile labs as the narrator explained the grip the mysterious resource of tiberium now has on the planet…” Click “more” for the rest, but first watch the trailer below:

News reports and instantly recognisable war scenes littered the remainder of the trailer, before finishing on a cliff hanger almost-certainly confirming the identity of the mysterious third side promised for the game. “And then they came…” utters the narrator, as the camera pans toward an earth now gripped by green tiberium.

This strongly suggests that the third playable side will be hostile aliens (originally penned to appear in the last Tiberium game, Tiberian Sun) who are, in all inevitability, also the reason that Tiberium started turning up in the first place. Terraforming anyone?”

C&C3 will take place in 2047, release likely summer 2007.
Watch the C&C3 E3 video interview here