Sadness Wii exclusive teaser

13 May 2006
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From the upstart Cracow, Poland development team of NIBRIS, Sadness is a gothic horror adventure game with survival horror elements. The game plans to make players confront their fears with only what they can grab up out of their environment to protect them. Set for 2007. Here’s a teaser:

Game action will take place before year 1914. In-game character Maria’s thoughs: “…In my head there is a voice, different from the others. Whenever it answers it overwhelms the remaining voices, it mixes up thoughts and destroys peace. It tells me that I’m only mixed up in a thought which yearns to prove its own existence. It is the original voice, which wants to free itself from my head, to free itself from the logic and reason it is being stifled by. It is the voice of chaos which is now screaming frightfully in my head for me to take an axe resting against the wall and cut off my father’s head…”


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