Nintendo execs speak up on Wii: online, controller, DS, more secrets!?

13 May 2006
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Nintendo WiiIGN: Are we gonna see more hardware surprises?
Kaplan: Yes.

IGN: Still hiding stuff? Why are we still not seeing all the harware features?
Perrin Kaplan: We have shared what we think is the most exciting stuff for this show. Hardcore gamers, just pay close attention to us.

IGN: What is [the Wii’s] price?
Perrin Kaplan: We work very hard to get the pricing of components down to produce products and give pricing that makes it affordable for pretty much all consumers. That will be our goal with the Wii console.

IGN: It’s gonna be cheaper, in other words. I think you guys said in the past “at least under $300.”
Perrin Kaplan: Let me just say the Wii console will be a price that you will all really like. It will cause you to line up to want to buy it.

IGN: What are your expectations for Wii Wi-Fi?
Takashi Tezuka: Well, the Wii Wi-Fi Connection works the same as the Nintendo DS one. It’s the three qualities that we emphasize. It’s easy, safe and free.

IGN: Will it have a central interface a la Live that all games will interact with, or will it be different on a game-by-game basis?
Takashi Tezuka: It’ll be just like the DS so the interface will depend on the software.

IGN Wii: Will Wi-Fi Connection on Wii also use a Friends Code system?
Takashi Tezuka: Yes.

Also, during another interview, Shigeru Miyamoto dropped a few bits on Kotaku. First at all, Miyamoto says Nintendo has been talking about how to use interconnectivity between the DS and the Wii. He said the technology to support this is already built into the console, but that they haven’t decided how to use it yet, but they’ve got a few ideas.

Some of the possibilities include using the touch screen and microphone input from the DS to effect Wii gameplay. Another possibility, he said, is to be able to download content from your Wii to your DS, edit it, and then upload it back to the console.

Miyamoto said they weren’t sure when this connectivity would be available, but that it would be at launch or very early on because of the tremendous success of the DS.

Miyamoto also mentioned is that Wii remotes will likely be able to be ‘attached’ to different members of your household—each person would have their own Wiimote. Nintendo’s hopes are that everyone in the family will own their own Wii remote, each with a distinct look, and that people can just hop into a game with the controller—and the Wii would customize the look or settings of a game based on which controller turned it on the console.

Miyamoto said that the price and date will likely be announced before the Tokyo Game Show, since while Nintendo doesn’t historically show up at TGS, many third-party Wii game producers do.

When Satoru Iwata was asked to compare Sony’s Playstation 3 pricing with Wii’s, he replied:
“First of all, all we’ve said is that we’ll have an affordable price range. We’re using “affordable” in the sense that the price won’t be significantly higher than Nintendo’s prices have been historically. Compared with $600, anything is affordable, so it’s absurd to even compare our price.”


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