Lunar Knights sun-sensor info & trailer

13 May 2006
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Lunar Knights, is the DS successor to Konami’s GBA Boktai series of sun-sensitive games. Here’s the official trailer:

The latest issue of Famitsu contains one bit of info on the game that we’re certain the series’ most hardcore fans will appreciate…

One of the big changes the DS version makes to the series is the removal of dependence on the real sun. The Game Boy Advance entries have a sun sensor built into the cartridge, and the only way to properly play the game is to have the sensor directly hit by sunlight — something that proves to be pretty difficult without the cooperation of the weather. Lunar Knights ditches the sun sensor, instead making use of a fake in-game sun.

In the magazine, series mastermind Hideo Kojima reveals that the DS title can also be played like the Game Boy Advance titles. If you have one of the Game Boy Advance games plugged into the DS’s cartridge port, Lunar Knights will make use of the older title’s sun sensor. You’ll then have the option of playing the game either way.


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