Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin gameplay video

13 May 2006
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Here’s the E3 trailer of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, said to become the best in the series ever, for Nintendo DS:

Read the interview on the online co-op below:

IGN: With two characters now, will there be a way to play cooperatively?
Koji Igarashi: We are going to include co-op play with the Wi-Fi Connection. But, I have to tell you, because we drastically changed the game system for the DS, we can’t include co-op mode for the main adventure. It’s a secondary adventure, like an unlockable stage. And that’s available over local and Wi-Fi Connection.

IGN: What will the Wi-Fi Connection feature be?
Koji Igarashi: Remember versus mode from Dawn of Sorrow? It’s going to be like that. We’ll prepare a special, unlockable, stage that you can play with people over the internet to do co-op.

IGN: And is that feature going to be with two players?
Koji Igarashi: Yes, only two. [laughs] Sorry, I don’t think we could make it on time if we add more.


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